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Mustang Eleanor GT500 Shelby

Shelby GT 500  Eleanor – in spite of short exist history of this car, it is already legend and makes use of extrem popularity, it fast become the dream for all  and especially muscle car funs. I think everyone is interested of Eleanor’s creation history and achievements. Lets begin from the top:

First  Shelby GT 500 Eleanor appeared in movie “Gone in 60 seconds”

in film there is said that it is Shelby GT500 output in 1967, to say the truth eleanor is not Shelby GT500 mustang  produced in 1967, in fact this car was created for this movie on base of 1967 mustang fastback model. Special graphic, grey wolfram, decorative design with two black stripes, like Shelby models were chosen to have the new car specific and demolish look, to be the muse for Hollywood Blockbusters.

First that producers of  “Gone ib 60 seconds”  foresee was that the muse of  movie should be muscle car, as we talk about american film! Now they wanted the model for it. They thought that first generation Shelby GT 500 would be the best choice, but even for Hollywood blockbuster was impposible to get in tens of this car, as this model is one of the rearest one and they belong to auto clubs. Auto clubs would never alow to destroy this american icon. There are only 500 copies of Shelby GT500 of 1967 year.

The situation was too difficult though movie producers still found the solution. They decided to make a new car, based on the mustang fastback 1967. In tens of fastbacks were completly renewed and recoverded and in  june of 2003 new  car the Shelby GT 500 Eleanor was born.

The old fastback’s design  was totally changed and in place of 4.3litres, V8, 335 horsepower engine Shelby Super Snake 7.0, V8, with 700 horsepower  was put. At least Carroll Shelby allowed “Eleanor”  to ware name “Shelby GT 500″.


gt500 eleanor

“Gone in 60 seconds” had  big  Resonance and especially big ineterest caused appearence of “Eleanor”. This car became so popular that began micro manufactoring of it, all of  manufactured  cars were made on base of 1967 Fastback like eleanoras bodywork and with blessing of Carroll Shelby. The price of “Eleanor”  was from 120000$ to 220000$.


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